Welcome to my Blog

Hey everyone, my name is Michael Mercado.  I would like to start off by talking a little about myself.  I enjoy relaxing at home with my Tabby/Maine coon mix cat named Manny, which is the largest breed of domestic cat you can own just putting it into perspective.  I also enjoy time with family and friends.  I enjoy doing outdoor actives such as hiking/camping and the beach.  I am a simple person and my goal in life is to travel, meet new people, get my career started and have a family.

I have always been interested in computers and currently working on making it my career.  I always thought it was neat seeing someone hack into a system in movies but didn’t when it happened to me unfortunately.  I was a victim of identity theft in the past which was not an easy thing to go through.  I’m sure at one point we all had someone use our credit/debit card information to buy merchandise and then to have it get disconnected and another sent out to you, it’s frustrating.  That is why my goal is to try and help prevent others from this. 

I am currently enrolled in the Information Technology program and found an interest in networking and security.  I enjoy the challenge it brings, getting networks to connect with each other and then being able to secure them.  I also enjoy the challenge that security brings, protecting cyber criminals from hacking into a system.  I would like to learn as much as possible within this field and become a skilled technician.

  My blogs will mainly be about networking and security and articles I find interesting.  I think having a couple of sources to follow regarding anything is good that way there is a wider base to go off when finding out information. Everything going on in this day and age has some kind of connection to the network and knowing about it is becoming more important for everyone.  We take the internet for granted and a lot of people don’t understand that everything that is put on it will forever be on it, and anyone can access it.  That is why I will be blogging about ways to protect and events that occur so to prevent data breaches from happening to us all.

I am an entry level professional in Information Technology with a network and security focus and will be giving my opinion/expertise and experience and interest on different topics regarding IT.  So if you’re interested in reading my thoughts then I’d be happy to have you follow.  I look forward to having you! 

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