A Time for Thanks

That’s right! It’s that time of year! Wait, you don’t know? The time to give thanks.  Still nothing? Okay, okay, it’s Thanksgiving time! And I will talk about why I am thankful—also, those who have impacted my life over the last year.  The past year hasn’t been full of fun and exciting journeys but hard struggles, unfortunately.  Year to year, our lives change, and it’s how we adapt and overcome through them that makes us who we are today.  The people we encounter also help guide us along the way.  That is what happened to me with work and family and life in general; the people I came across guided and helped me get where I am today, which I am thankful for.

At the current moment, I am unemployed.  Last month I was fired from my job after a long, hard eight years of employment, unfortunately.  The previous eight years of working for this company have been nothing but a good and bad learning experience.  I had the opportunity to meet some great people and some not-so-great people, but hey, that’s life.  I took advice from my employees/coworkers on different matters about work and life issues.  I had the opportunity to practice the supervisory role I was promoted to, which I had never been in before. 

I was a team lead and just did the job, so by going off of what I saw my managers do and the help of my past supervisor for helping me get promoted, I was able to excel in my position without a college degree.  My job motivated me to go back to school to get out of the rut I’m currently in.  Being a supervisor showed me what I am capable of and my coworkers because I wouldn’t have been able to excel at being a supervisor without them, so thank you. 

With life the way it is for me, my family is the most important thing to get me through it.  My parents have seen the good and the bad struggles I have gone through.  They have always trusted that I would be okay no matter what happened because they know I am strong and never give up.  They had pushed me always to do the best I could, even when I was weak and couldn’t find the motivation to do so.  They haven’t always been around physically to help me, which is fine because it gave me space to grow.  I feel that young adults need to feel the heat of reality because that is how you grow strong and the only way to grow and learn is to dive right into it.  I am lucky to have parents like them because even after all the negative impacts on my life over the last couple of years, I’ve been able to turn to them for help and guidance, so thank you for everything.

Life is interesting; it can make or break you.  As humans, we keep pushing through it, trying to make the best of it.  Our family and friends help guide each other through it, and they are what make up each of our lives.  I had to cut off a lifelong friend this past year due to their bad influences on my life.  I have an addictive personality that can be a bad thing and has led me down some wrong roads, which helped mold me into who I’ve become.  Without the bad, we can never see the good, so even though I had to do what I did for the better, I am still incredibly grateful to have had these types of people in my life to help me see that perspective.

Overall, the past year has been a learning experience for me in a positive way, even though the bad outweighed the good.  I am still walking away from it with a positive attitude, and my head held high because going through everything I did wouldn’t have happened without the people in it.  I am incredibly grateful for my parents that have put up with me my whole life.  Also, meeting everyone I did taught me new skills in life because we are each other’s teachers, teaching each other the dos and don’ts.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, Happy Thanksgiving!

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